Germany demanded Nepali workers

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Germany, a developed country in Europe, has demanded Nepali workers.

It has been proposed to take workers from Nepal saying that there is a shortage of workers in various areas of Germany. Accepting the German proposal, Nepal has taken forward the necessary preparations for it.

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security has started preparations to send Nepali workers after making an agreement with Germany.

A draft of the agreement has been prepared and submitted to the Council of Ministers for decision. After it is passed by the Council of Ministers, there will be an agreement between the two countries and the way to take Nepali workers will be opened. Co-Secretary of the Ministry of Labor Rajiv Pokharel said that they are trying to send Nepali workers according to German demand.

There is talk of taking some of our people and then giving them training. They have time to give along with training,” Pokharel said.

Germany had proposed to take workers from Nepal a few months ago. A draft was prepared between the officials of both countries for the agreement after necessary discussion on the said proposal. Joint Secretary Pokharel said that the draft is in the process of being submitted to the Council of Ministers through the Ministry of Law and Foreign Affairs. The Germans will take ordinary workers from Nepal and will also teach them and give them jobs there.

Nepali officials are excited about making an agreement with Germany, which is at the forefront in terms of technology and economy. Nepali workers who will be taken by Germany will be provided with the same salary and services as German workers.

The ministry believes that Nepali workers will be able to bring good capital along with skills to Germany, which is good from the point of view of social security and human rights.

The government has started looking for alternatives as it has been making the Gulf countries a destination. He said that Nepali workers are going to be sent there after making an agreement with European countries.

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