Germany will take Nepali workers at zero cost

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Last Tuesday, the government signed a labor agreement with the European country Germany.

According to the agreement, Germany is going to provide Nepali workers with professional training (as trainee workers) for one year and give them employment in related fields.

A team led by Labor Minister Sharadsingh Bhandari reached Germany via Romania for the labor agreement with Germany. During the agreement with Germany, Nepal has signed a memorandum of understanding on the subject of taking laborers as trainee workers through the government with facilities of food and accommodation at zero cost. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Labour, Germany will open applications to take Nepali skilled workers after three months.

After the application, the Nepalis selected through the selection process will be trained as trainee workers for one year according to their interest and ability at the Vocational Training Institute after going to Germany. The salary for the training period will also be given. After the training, those trainees will be hired according to the demand of the German job market.

The European country Germany is a safe country for Nepali workers. Also, from the point of view of income, it belongs to the country where you can earn good money. In Germany, Nepali workers can earn up to 180,000 per month.

How many people will be taken to which position in that country will be known after the application is opened. But according to the estimate of the Ministry of Labor, seven thousand workers can be sent to Germany annually.

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