Nepali Youth in Russian Army

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BBC Hindi has published the news that Nepalese citizens have started joining the Russian army after Russia exempted them from citizenship to attract foreign fighters for the Russia-Ukraine war.

BBC Hindi released a video report of 4 minutes and 11 seconds on YouTube and claimed that Nepalis have joined the Russian Army.

BBC Hindi has released a video report on Nepali youth in Russian army. In a public video report, it has been claimed that Nepalis joined the Russian Army because of Russian passports and high salaries.

Like BBC Hindi, other Indian and English news portals and news agencies have also claimed that Nepalis are joining the Russian Army.

News agencies and news portals including BBC Hindi, The Difference Post, Outlook India, Wionews and others claim that Nepalis have joined the Russian Army.

In the video claimed by the BBC, the videos of Nepali citizens undergoing military training in Russia and Belarus have recently been posted on social networks such as TikTok, Telegram and YouTube.

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